Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Caught in Seaweed - Seaweed Bath Co Wildly Natural Seaweed Bath Powder - Review

If you read my last review where I raved about the Everyday Shea Bubble Bath, well as much as I loved that bath product is equal to how much I dislike the Seaweed Bath Co Wildly Natural Seaweed Bath Powder. It's just yucky. There is no other way to describe it. The instructions on the back of the package read:

"Shake well prior to opening. Empty contents of pouch into running water in the bathtub. Swirl with hand until powder dissolves and water turns light brown color."

Swirl until powder dissolves? Really? I started with swirling ... which then progressed to vigorously stirring the water with my hand ... multiple times mind you ... and there wasn't much dissolving going on. Fortunately I only put a handful into the water to test it (thank god it wasn't the whole pouch). The water literally looked like it had dirt floating in it, even 10 mins later. I finally gave up and drained the tub only to find it left a horrible mess of debris stuck to the bottom of the tub. Personally, I think this is taking the "wildly natural" element a little too far (right up there with the ladies who don't shave their underarms and don't use deodorant - no offense, but that's just not how I roll).

It always saddens me to have to give a product a negative review, but hey, sometimes the truth ain't always sunshine & rainbows, now is it?

This product comes up completely empty for me. No cheers for this one...

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