Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Simple Ideas to Make Life EASIER - Part 2

As promised my friends, here are a couple more super simple, but crazy-efficient tips for being better organized and as a result - MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER. These are just so simple you'll be amazed you didn't think of this yourself (I know I was). 

So how often have you had to dig through your linen cabinet to find all the matching pieces of that sheet set (never fails, it always seems like one of the pillow cases has gone missing, doesn't it?). Well this idea is pure genius! Fold your fitted sheet, your flat sheet, and one of the pillow cases and then slide them INSIDE the second pillow case - VIOLA! You'll never have to hunt for matching pieces again!

Now for Idea #2. Let's say you've bought a new DVD player and you want disconnect the old one and connect the new one. But how many of you have faced this dilemma - how do I easily & quickly figure out which cord belongs to the DVD player from that tangle of cords plugged into my surge protector? Well ladies, here is your amazingly simple solution. Just save the little plastic clips from your loaves of bread, get out your Sharpie, and LABEL all your cords - just slip the corresponding plastic clip onto each cord. No more confusion ever again! This works for any area you have a lot of different cords (entertainment center, computer - monitor - printer, etc).

Let me know if you try these ideas and what you think!

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